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Finally under sail

Sat 10 December 2011


Got there eventually. A nice force 3-4 on the only water within 400km of us and at last I managed to get out on the water.

Generally she handled rather nicely - definitely better with the jib and the mast raked back but not too bad under just the main. Need …

First Rig

Mon 18 July 2011

A nice still day so got all the sails up after a fashion. Still need to go round and trim/splice/whip everything to tidy it up but it I think everything is roughly in the right place. Sail area looks very generous for the boat size, especially since the …


Sun 03 July 2011

image0 Was practically British weather for her first dip into Lake Cullulleraine. I had planned on filling her up with water to check the positive buoyancy but it was way too cold for that.

Solo row was a complete success - sits very nicely in the water and rows effortlessly. Couldn't see …

Shiny new trailer

Fri 01 July 2011


Probably worth more than the boat but I couldn't find a decent (or even roadworthy) second hand one - very nice to tow though and the winch is going to make retrieval a cinch.

Have got the required number of coats of varnish onto all the thwarts and other bits so …

Getting closer...

Tue 12 April 2011

Not much building progress but I've been spending madly to push the project onwards.

Sails turned up the other day and suddenly everything felt closer to completion - Horizon Sails were quick, friendly, reasonably priced and the result looks excellent so I'll be recommending them:

Off …

Square peg in a round hole

Wed 16 February 2011

Unfortunately anything other than BC structural ply is considered exotic in Mildura so I did a quick dash to Adelaide where they understood what I was after, but still didn't have it in stock :(

In order to save another trip I had a look round one of the timber yards …

Well that didn't work

Wed 21 July 2010

Construction Gallery

So much for more regular postings!

Unfortunately with a new kid everything has gone on hold again and the poor thing is sat alone in the shed again(the boat, not the child).

I did manage to get the outside painted around Christmas so she is looking much more like …

Get a backbone

Sun 20 December 2009

False keel installed After a long delay finally got round to installing the false keel. Going with the recommendation of John I added an extra inch for better rowing.

New site

Tue 13 January 2009

Have moved the site to a new (Australian) server and updated WordPress at the same time - 2.7 is much more user friendly so hopefully I might be more likely to post as progress is made.


Tue 13 January 2009

Time for another update: We've moved, and not just round the corner!

In November we finally got the visa's sorted, packed our bags and became Australia's newest immigrants (except Rosy who is now back where she belongs). Its been a frantic couple of months: finishing up the house; getting the …

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