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Off the jig

Sat 20 September 2008

In the mad final push to get the boat ready to move I forgot to take any more photos, but here it is finally popped off. A little rough and ready at the moment but looks like it will clean up nicely...

image0 image1


Mon 21 July 2008

Just looked at the date of the last post - two years ago!!!

Project has been on hold since then as I've had a house to renovate and a daughter to attend to. Having just got the house into a reasonable state, we are leaving the country so I've been forced …

Mid strakes - first fit

Thu 30 March 2006


It has taken the best part of two days to get them shaped but they are fitting nicely now. A little more careful adjusting and they two can be epoxied. Am glad that the entire boat only requires 6 planks - am sure they could be cut quicker but I'm too …

Garboards in place

Tue 28 March 2006

garboards_1 garboards_2 ...and epoxied - no moving them now! Still, now I've planed back the edges flush with the bottom they are looking pretty good. A few mill here and there may need to be fudged before the next planks go on but generally I'm happy. I light of the showers have splashed …

Spring update

Sat 25 March 2006

After a long and wet winter its time to get started again. Actually its required I get started again as we are probably moving house soon and I need to get at least the hull finished so I can move it. Luckily, being the jet-setter I'm not, I've got holiday …

Why Pootle?

Fri 23 September 2005

Odd to name a boat before it is finished but the name jumped out at me...

  1. It's a Pooduck skiff.
  2. It's quite little. (Contrived but I had to extend the pun...)
  3. I dont expect it to go very fast - to be honest I'll be happy if it floats …

Rain stops play

Thu 15 September 2005


Last day of my work-holiday and its raining. Still, managed to get the bevels of the bottom pretty much done and ready to accept the garboards. Have a couple of free weekends coming up so can hopefully get those on in the next few weeks.

The backbone

Wed 14 September 2005


The 18mm bottom expansion and transom are now epoxied in place - hopefully permanently! Have started beveling the edges ready to receive the garboards but it is taking a while to get them right. Am discovering that it is the preparation in this project that takes the time - if all the …

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