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Plywood scarfing

Tue 13 September 2005

After much research and confusion (hours spent comparing two different types before realising they were just different names for the same thing!) I plumped for Gaboon ply as it is light, reasonably cheep and locally available. I could only get 8'x4' sheets though so much of this week has been …

The Jig

Mon 12 September 2005


After much measuring, checking, re-measuring, re-checking etc I think the jig is now about as close to being correct as it is going to be. Ended up going for a hybrid of the plans suggested jig and that of my book. Is great to be able to put my curvy …

A holiday?

Sat 10 September 2005

A week off work means plenty of time to crack on with construction. Would be nice if I could at least get a few planks on before the week is up....

The finished boat (I wish!!!)

Wed 03 August 2005


Plymouth classics last weekend brought together the usual collection of beards and fishy-tops, but also a 13 year old Pooduck Skiff. The owner, John, was kind enough to let me photograph her from every angle and crew for him in the Sunday race. Was slightly worried I'd get in and …

Two finished parts!

Sat 02 July 2005

Inner Stem Midships Frame Not quite a boat yet but at least one of them reminds you of a boats shape (sort of). Two hours of planing to get the frame down to the right thickness but it has come up great.

Word of warning though - don't trust your plan patterns to be symmetrical …


Wed 29 June 2005

Would rather not know but thought I should keep track of what I have spent...

Of course this doesn't include any tools I purchase as those fall under the category of 'investment' rather than outlay!

Plans £50
Sapele for stems and frame £45
Jig materials £20
Gaboon plywood £239
Epoxy …

Inner Stem

Tue 28 June 2005

Blank for inner stem

The plans suggest that the stems should be laminated as well, though after the fun of the full frame I was not looking forward to that prospect. Yanky book to the rescue again as it suggests that a sawn solid inner stem is plenty strong enough so I went for …

More clamps needed!!!

Tue 28 June 2005

Laminated Frame

The boat only requires one full frame, and having just finished laminating it I'm glad no more are called for. Lacking a bandsaw I had to resort to the table saw to rip the strips, not the ideal tool for 1/8th inch strips and half my stock is now …

Back to the Present

Tue 28 June 2005

Think I have managed to compress 6 months minimal progress into 5 posts so everything from this point on should be current. Sure I will forget to post regularly and there will be other intense catch-up periods but I shall attempt to post whenever I have progress to report or …

The Workshop

Tue 28 June 2005

My Shed

Unfortunately I could neither afford or house a shed large enough to actually build the boat in so I decided on a 10'x6' model and assembled it over the winter. Having got the inside set up and organised I am finding it quite usable as long as I keep it …

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