Time for another update: We've moved, and not just round the corner!

In November we finally got the visa's sorted, packed our bags and became Australia's newest immigrants (except Rosy who is now back where she belongs). Its been a frantic couple of months: finishing up the house; getting the boat into a movable state; getting the house let etc.

We've been here for four months now and I'm chomping and the bit to get back on with the boat. Or at least I will when it finally arrives - its been travelling for the last 5 months!

I wouldn't recommend posting a boat shell to Australia from the UK but I doubt there's another pooduck that has made such a voyage, particularly before it was finished. (On the down side, if you factor in the shipping costs its probably the most expensive :-( )

Still, we're are moving into a new rental with a reasonable size shed and the boat only needs to make it from Melbourne to Mildura now so shouldn't be too long before I can get dusty again...